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Class Management

I work at a gym and don't take payment directly for my students. How can I post my class?
When creating a class, you can select "I don't take payment directly" as your payment method. It will then ask you if this location requires a membership or not, and if a free pass is available. You can also add the website to the gym or studio where you work. This will allow students to easily access information about where you teach and how they can access the class.
Once my student registers for a Zoom or VOD class, how can they access the class?
If your student registers for your Zoom or VOD class, they can access it via their Activity Dashboard on zumba.com. They can access this page from their main menu and can access all future and past classes they've registered for. Link to student activity Dashboard: https://www.zumba.com/en-US/student_dashboard.

For a Zoom class, students can only access the class 15 minutes before the class start time. If they access the class too early, they will be sent to a waiting room with a countdown to when they can access the class.

Students will also receive confirmation emails and reminders to access.
What payment methods can I take on on Class Mangement?
For users with Paypal, you can connect your PayPal account to receive payments directly via Class Management.

For those who do not have a PayPal account and want to collect payment via cash, different apps like Venmo, Zelle or Cash app, you can create a class and choose the Other payment method. Make sure to leave clear instructors to your students on how they should pay for your class in that field. You will also be required to create a "Class Code" for this class so your student can register online. Once the student sends you payment via Zelle, Venmo or other, you can send them the "Class Code" which they can enter at checkout for this class. This way they will be successfully registered.

Lastly, you have the option to select "I don't take payment directly" for classes where payment is collected by your gym, location or for other classes where you don't receive payment.
Can I post a hybrid class that is taught both in-person and via Zoom?
Although we do not have a way for you to post both with the same class posting, you can create an in-person class and a Zoom class that happen at the same time with the same details. Students can sign up for whichever they want to attend.
What if I do not want to take payment via PayPal for my class packs?
You can collect payment for your class pack with any payment method. Choose the "Other" payment method when creating the clas pack and leave clear instructions for your students so they know how to pay you.

Once they pay you via the other payment method, go to your Class Pack management, find the class pack they wish to purchase. Copy the link next to that item. Send the link to the student. This link will let them register for your class pack without making a payment online.
How do I properly setup my Instagram on my Instructor page?
Go to your instructor page (instructor view), scroll down to the Instagram section. Type in your instagram username only. Accidentally leaving an extra space before or after or any special characters (ex: @ or / ) will not allow you to connect.
How can I cast my video on demand (VOD) class to a TV?
When you purchase a video on demand class and want to watch it on your TV you can cast it in the following ways:

On a desktop computer, use the Chrome browser, click on View on the Chrome menu and select Cast. This will show you all the devices that you can cast to. Select your TV.

From your mobile device you can use your device's native casting or screen mirroring which will cast your entire screen to your TV.
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