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ZIN Jam Sessions

What is a ZIN™ Jam Session?
A 3-hour session led by a licensed Zumba® Jammer that allows ZIN™ Members to learn 4-5 new choreos and boost instructor skills. A maximum of 30 ZIN™ Members per session allows for one-on-one interaction and personal feedback.
What are the four different types of ZIN™ Jam sessions
  • Choreo ZIN™ Jam Sessions
  • Rhythm ZIN™ Jam Sessions
  • Specialty ZIN™ Jam Sessions
  • Stylistic ZIN™ Jam Sessions
What is the difference between these 4 types of ZIN™ Jam Sessions?
  • CHOREO ZIN™ JAM SESSIONS are designed to help you master your choreography, build your cueing library, and learn progressions.
  • RHYTHM ZIN™ JAM SESSIONS are designed to help you go deeper into your basic rhythms and be able to identify the beats and instruments that are exclusive to the rhythm you choose.
  • SPECIALTY ZIN™ JAM SESSIONS are designed to help you learn new choreos to bring to your Specialty classes.
  • STYLISTIC ZIN™ JAM SESSIONS are designed to help you learn new stylistic choreos that express your individuality through movement and music.
What is a Zumba® Jammer (ZJ™)
A Zumba Jammer (ZJ™) is a ZIN™ Member who has been handpicked by Beto and licensed by Zumba to host ZIN™ Jam Sessions. ZJs are awesome at creating choreography and helping ZINs thrive!
Who is the Zumba® Jammer in my area?
Zumba® Jammers are not restricted to specific areas; they can host ZIN™ Jam sessions anywhere in the world. This introduces ZIN™ Members to a wide variety of styles and choreography ideas.
How can I request a ZIN™ Jam Session at my facility?
You can contact a Zumba® Jammer directly for additional information on hosting a ZIN™ Jam Session through their Instructor Page.
How do I become a Zumba® Jammer?
Zumba® Jammer calls are periodically announced on ZIN™ Home, in the ZIN™ Newsletter and via email. When a call is announced, just follow the instructions on how to apply.
How do I find a ZIN™ Jam Session in my area?
Once logged into ZIN™ Home, there are two ways to find ZIN™ Jam Sessions. One way is to click "Find a ZIN™ Jam Session" under Continuing Education. In addition, you can also hover over the “Instructor Training” section on Zumba.com and click "ZIN™ Jam Sessions".
What if there are no ZIN™ Jam Sessions in my area?
New ZIN™ Jam Sessions are continually added to the schedule, so check back regularly. As the program continues to grow, more sessions will become available. If you know of a facility where a ZIN™ Jam Session could be hosted, please contact a Zumba® Jammer directly.
What are the benefits of attending a ZIN™ Jam Session?
  • 4-5 fresh, distinctive choreo routines that you can immediately integrate into your classes
  • Valuable networking with fellow ZIN™ Members
  • Expert feedback and one-on-one interaction
  • Opportunity to enhance steps, skills and techniques
  • Continuing education credits/units for AFAA or ACE
What are the requirements to attend a ZIN™ Jam Session?
To participate in a ZIN™ Jam session, you must be a ZIN™ Member in good standing at the time of the session. Please note that you must present proof of your membership status by printing your status card from ZIN™ Home and bringing it to the session.
How much does it cost to attend a ZIN™ Jam Session?
All ZIN™ Jam sessions cost U.S. $30 or its foreign currency equivalent.
Will I receive any materials at the ZIN™ Jam Session?
The Zumba® Jammer will provide you with choreography notes and a list of songs used. A certificate of completion will be awarded to you after you complete a ZIN™ Jam Session.
What is the structure of a ZIN™ Jam Session?
ZIN™ Jam Sessions consist of the breakdown of 4-5 choreographies to specific songs and the practicing of complete routines. By the end of the session, you should be confident enough in the new routines to immediately implement them in your Zumba® classes. Some time is dedicated to personal introductions and verbal tips on presentation.
Will I receive Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) for attending ZIN™ Jam Sessions?
You will be awarded a maximum of 0.3 ACE CEC’s or 3 AFAA CEU’s in a month by attending ZIN™ Jam Sessions. CANFITPRO participants will be eligible for 1 FIS CEC for ZIN JAM Sessions, up to 4 FIS CEC per year. Please contact the Zumba® Jammer directly to request the continuing education credits.
How do I redeem a coupon code for ZIN™ Jam Sessions?
To redeem your coupon code, simply find a ZIN™ Jam Session in your area and provide the coupon code when you contact the Zumba® Jammer to reserve your place.
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