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ZIN™ Hosted Zumba® Events

Who can host events on Zumba.com?
Only ZIN™ Members in good standing can host events on Zumba.com.
How do I use the events platform?
Click here for a full tutorial.
How long will it take for my event to get approved by Zumba’s legal compliance team?
We will do our best to review all events submitted via the Events Platform within 72 hours. Always try to submit your event at least thirty (30) days before the event in case there are compliance issues to resolve.
What is the difference between a Zumbathon®, Master Class and Multi-day event?
All three events will have the Zumba® trademark in the name of the event and only Zumba® activities will be included.
  1. A Zumba® Master Class is a dance-fitness party led by a ZIN™ Member that offers more than your average Zumba® class! Whether it is special guests, a fun theme or live music, a Master Class is an amped-up Zumba class with a twist.
  2. A Multi-day event is a 2-3 day Zumba® Event that includes multiple Zumba fitness activities, for example, Zumba® Master Classes, Zumba® specialty demos, a Zumba® wear fashion show, ZIN™ member only sessions (ZIN JAM™ or training sessions), special ZES™ presentations, a Home Office Connection, etc.
  3. A Zumbathon® charity event is a Zumba® dance-fitness party for a cause! These events are open to the public and raise funds and awareness for a selected charity, organization, individual or community in need.
Do all Zumba® events need to be listed on zumba.com?
Zumba® events are not required to be listed on zumba.com, but the Zumba Events Platform will give your event greater exposure and your event will be compliant with the ZIN™ License Agreement and brand use requirements.
Can I host a Zumba® event that includes other fitness brands or programs (e.g. Pilates)?
If the Zumba® trademark is included in the event name, no other fitness programs or unassociated products or merchandise can be a part of the event.
How do I properly use the Zumba® trademarks for my events?
Remember these basic rules:
  1. Never alter the Zumba® trademarks (do not change the color, proportion or take something away or add something to the trademark including making words from “Zumba”).
  2. Always use the Zumba® trademarks available a https://www.zumba.com/en-US/zin/marketing_materials
  3. Always include the full name or profile link for presenting ZIN™ member(s).
  4. Always send your marketing materials or ideas to zlst@zumba.com for a compliance check before you publish them. For our full trademark usage guide, click here .
Will the Home Office promote my events?
Over 1.5 million people visit Zumba.com each month. When you use the events platform, your event will be listed on Zumba.com for everyone to see — this will allow new students to find you.
Why can’t I host other types of Zumba® Events like Conventions, Conferences and Fitness-Concerts™?
ZIN™ Members are licensed to use the Zumba® trademarks to promote classes, Master Classes and approved events, i.e., Zumbathon® charity events. The license does not extend to other types of events. For full details on your ZIN™ License Agreement, click here .
How do I collect online payments within the Events Platform? What forms of payment are available?
Your ticket buyers can easily purchase tickets for your event online using PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and all payments go directly to you. Zumba will not take any commissions or fees when you use the Events Platform. Your ticket buyer will automatically receive a receipt after they have purchased a ticket for your event. You will also receive an immediate notification that someone has purchased a ticket for your event. In order to collect online payments using the Events Platform, you must have a PayPal account. We will use your PayPal account to send your ticket funds directly to you. To learn more about PayPal and to set up a PayPal account, click here . For additional support for your PayPal account contact PayPal at 844-823-9382.
In what languages can I list my event?
Zumba.com currently supports the following languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Korean.
What currencies can I use with the events platform?
Click here to see the currencies supported by PayPal.
How do I cancel an event?
Go to Manage My Events and click “cancel” under the event you want to cancel. Once you cancel an event, an automatic email will be sent to all your event attendees letting them know your event has been cancelled. It is your responsibility to issue any refunds to customers that have purchased a ticket for your event.
How do I edit an active event?
Go to Manage My Events and click “edit” under the event you want to edit. Once you make changes to an event, an automatic email will be sent to all your event attendees letting them know changes have been made to your event.
Will I have access to the list of participants that registered to my events using the Events Platform?
If you used PayPal to collect payments in the events platform, you will be able to get a full list of everyone (first & last name) that purchased a ticket along with the quantity of tickets they purchased. You can access this list in Manage My Events . In your PayPal account you will also be able to see the email address and billing details of everyone that purchased tickets for your event.
What happens if my ZIN™ Account is on hold (or I cancel) and my event is listed on Zumba.com?
If your ZIN™ Account is on hold or if you cancel your ZIN™ Account, your event listing will be removed.
Can I make Zumba® merchandise to sell at my event?
We do not allow anyone, including ZIN™ Members, to create merchandise that includes any of the Zumba® trademarks. This is not a permitted use of the brand. However, you can add the name of your event (pending approval of the event name by Zumba’s legal compliance team) to official Zumba® wear.
What is a QR Code and how does it work?
The QR code or Quick Response Code is a feature included with the Events Platform. Every ticket includes the ticket number and the user's name outside of the QR code. The ticket number and user's name is also encoded into a convenient QR code that the event coordinator can optionally use with an automated system to scan and save the ticket number automatically. There are many QR reader applications that can be used for this purpose. An Android user can use something like QR Code Reader , and an iPhone user can download the Quick Scan app. Both are free of charge.
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