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ZIN Studio™

Is there a fee for ZIN Studio™?
Since the Coronavirus situation began, the Zumba® Home office has worked non-stop and invested significantly in order to support our members' transition to teach virtual classes. Our priority is making sure our community feels supported and is successful. ZIN Studio™ has been one of our major launches during this time. For now, ZIN Studio™ will be available at no additional cost so that ZIN™ Members can continue teaching and connecting with their students during the Coronavirus situation. In the future, as the Coronavirus situation begins to evolve and improve, we will evaluate the support that is needed to continue to improve ZIN Studio™ and determine how and when we will start charging for this benefit. This solution comes at high technology and bandwidth costs to sustain and improve.

Please trust that when the time comes to evaluate pricing, we will carefully consider the current situation of our ZIN™ Members globally, and also that of the company. In the meantime, please take advantage of this tool to schedule, post,and livestream your Zumba® and Zumba Specialty classes.
Why is my video not uploading?
Make sure you are connected to the internet. Also make sure that your battery optimization settings are turned off. Most mobile devices have this feature turned on by default so that your phone saves battery. When your phone goes into battery saving mode, it may be automatically stopping the upload. Make sure your video is 1 hour in length or shorter.
Why does my phone stop recording?
Make sure that you have enough available space on your phone. For most phones, you can see the available storage by going into the general settings area.
How does the Student Code work?
The “Student Code” payment option is another option for students to pay you. When you turn on this payment option, you have the option of typing in text. Here, you need to tell your students how to pay you. Example: Send me a Venmo to my username. Once the student sends you payment, you can send them the student code that corresponds to that specific class. The student will enter this student code into the Student Code box when accessing the online class. Remember to tell your students not to share the code with others.
Why can I only use the approved music for pre-recorded classes?
For pre-recorded classes, only cleared music can be used so as to not create music licensing issues. But don't worry, we have created a robust list of Zumba originals and negotiated with our music partners to build a library of other songs for you to use.
What format does my video have to be?
You can upload your video in any of the following formats: MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI and FLV.
How long should I make my class video?
Between 1 and 60 minutes
Who can take my classes?
Anyone can take your classes.
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How can I improve the sound quality of my music?
Try placing the music speaker no more than 6ft from your recording device. Speaker volume should be not more than 80%
Can I use ZIN Studio™ to teach my other fitness classes?
No, you can only use ZIN Studio™ to teach your Zumba® classes and Zumba specialty classes.
If we can't do pre-recorded classes on other platforms, why can we do it through ZIN Studio™?
ZIN™ Members are permitted to do single use pre-recorded classes with ZIN Studio™ because you are using a ZHO curated list of approved ZIN songs, and the classes will be automatically removed within 5 hours of the class start time.
What happens if I edit my class and change the price?
Any student who registers with that original price, will be registered for the online class at the original price.
My student paid me via PayPal and the payment is in a “pending” state. Why did that happen and how can I resolve it?
What is the difference between the ZIN Studio™ web version and ZIN™ Studio Livestream app?
The ZIN Studio™ website allows you to schedule ZIN Studio™ pre-recorded and livestream classes, as well as link classes for livestreams hosted on other approved livestream platforms like Zoom so that they're shown on for potential students to find them. The ZIN Studio™ Livestream mobile app allows you to create, edit and host your livestream classes. The ZIN Studio™ web version only allows you to create and edit your livestream classes. You need to download and use the app to host livestream classes.
Do students need to download the app to participate in a ZIN Studio™ livestream class?
No, students only need the link to your ZIN Studio™ virtual class (both pre-recorded or livestream) to participate in the class online. They do not need to download an app. The app is designed for ZIN™ Member use.
Can I use any music I want in a ZIN Studio™ livestream class? Do I need to have public performance license(s) to teach livestream classes?
Yes, you can use any music you want in a ZIN Studio™ livestream class as long as you have obtained the necessary public performance license(s) from the Performance Rights Organization(s) located in your country. If you are already paying for a public performance license (to teach your in-person Zumba® classes), it may also cover your virtual classes — please contact the Performance Rights Organization(s) in your country to confirm. Should you have any questions concerning music licensing, please email
Is there a time limit for livestream classes hosted on the ZIN Studio™ Livestream app? Is there a time limit for pre-recorded classes on ZIN Studio™?
The time limit for all classes is 90 minutes.
How far in advance can I schedule a livestream, pre-recorded class, or list a Zoom class on ZIN™ Studio?
There is no limit as to how far in advance you can schedule any class. Classes will only display on when they are within 1 week (7 days) of the start time/date.
Is there a limit to the number of livestreams and/or pre-recorded classes I can schedule or have up on ZIN Studio™?
There is no limit to the number of classes you can have posted at one time on ZIN Studio™. However, you cannot have two ZIN Studio™ livestreams that overlap in time.
What is the best browser for a student to use to take a Zumba® Virtual class?
Chrome and Safari are proven to work well for Zumba® Virtual classes. There have been reported issues when users use older versions of Edge. If you are using Edge, make sure you update to the latest version, or use Chrome instead.
Is there a time buffer for creating a ZIN Studio™ Livestream class?
Yes. You can create a class 3 hours after your current time.
How long will my class be listed on
All classes will be listed on marketplace upon posting the class if the class was posted within 7 days of when the class starts. We only show 7 days of classes in the future. The class listing will get removed from the when the class starts.
When can a student purchase a class that I have posted on
For ZIN Studio Livestream and 3rd Party Livestream classes, class registration to be open from the time the class was posted (if it was posted within 7 days of the class start time) until the end time of the class. Recorded classes will still be open for purchase 24 hours after the class starts.
When will my classes display on my Instructor Page?
Both ZIN Studio Livestream classes and 3rd Party Livestream classes will be posted on the instructor’s page from the time you post the class, until the class has ended. Recorded classes will stay on the instructor's page until 24 hours after the start time.
How do I make sure my ZIN Studio Livestream classes do not get interrupted by text messages and phone calls?
Make sure to turn on the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone. You also need to access your phone settings and make sure the Do Not Disturb feature includes all phone calls and all text messages (or whatever settings you want it to have).
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