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Lost in translation?

Checkout the ZIN Glossary for a breakdown of frequently used Zumba® terminology.

ZIN™ Now

Will my monthly ZIN™ fees change?
No. Making the switch to digital will not change your fees — it will not increase or decrease your current ZIN™ rates. While the cost of providing you the music and videos digitally is more expensive for Zumba, you will continue to pay the same price.
Can I get both digital and physical delivery of my ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes?
Yes. You can switch to ZIN™ Now digital delivery and then call our customer care team to continue getting physical delivery as well. There is a $9.95 charge for the additional physical delivery as we will need to get additional music licenses.
How many times can I download my content?
You can download each music and choreo one time, but you are able to stream all content without limitation! For example, if you download a video with a front angle, you cannot download it again with a back angle — but you are able to stream that video as many times as you’d like with various viewing preferences.
Will I be able to access my ZIN Now content from all devices?
Yes. You can stream all content from almost any device — phone, tablet and computer. Some features are not available on all browsers or devices, such as downloading and using different camera angles. You cannot download on your iPhone® or iPad®, but you can successfully stream all content on these devices.
Why do I not have immediate access to this month's content?
The current month's content is already in the process of being mailed to you. Due to music licensing agreements, we are unable to provide you with both a physical and digital license to each song, but you will start receiving your ZIN™ Volumes digitally the month after your switch to digital.
How long will my music and videos be available for download?
You will have access and be able to stream your music and video content for your ZIN™ Volume and Mega Mixes for as long as you are a ZIN Member in good standing. Music and videos will be available to download for at least 7 years from when the file has been added to the ZIN™ Now platform.
When will I get my ZIN™ Volume / Mega Mix if I switch to digital?
You will get your ZIN™ Volumes and Mega Mixes on the 1st of every month, starting the month after you switch to digital.
Will I see my old ZIN™ Volumes and Mega Mixes on ZIN Now?
No. Previous ZIN™ Volumes and Mega Mixes were delivered physically, so you will only receive new content on ZIN™ Now.
If I am a physical subscriber, can I access the ZIN™ Now platform?
Yes. You can access content that used to live on ZIN™ TV, bonus choreo and music, as well as any future e-learning content that you purchase. You will not have access to ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes on ZIN™ Now, unless you switch to receive your ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes digitally.
What happens if my download fails?
You can try to download it again right after the download has failed if you are on the same device. If you are still having trouble, please contact our customer care team for assistance.
Can I download my content into the ZIN™ DJ app?
For now you cannot, but we are working on a solution to integrate both platforms. You can download music from ZIN™ Now to your computer and import it into your current music player.
If I switch to digital, can I go back to physical?
You can go back to physical one time. You will not get a physical copy of the previous volumes that you received on ZIN™ Now. You will also lose access to your ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes on ZIN™ Now. Please call our customer care team for assistance.
What happens if my computer crashes and I lose access to my music?
You should always back up any files that you download onto your computer. We recommend backing up your files onto an external hard drive or a cloud service. If you have any issues with lost content, please contact our customer care team for assistance. Important note: You CANNOT share the content (even with other ZIN™ Members). This content has strict legal rules pertaining to privacy.
Will we have access to old ZIN™ Volumes & Mega Mixes?
No. Your old ZIN™ Volumes and Mega Mixes were delivered to you in physical DVD and CD format. Only new ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes will be uploaded into ZIN™ Now. We can only provide one song license per ZIN Member.
Why don't all videos have front, back camera and left and right foot start?
Older videos were not filmed that way originally and don't have that option. Newer videos do. Any videos that do have the option are included and you can stream or download these options.
What happens if I put my ZIN account on hold?
If you put your account on hold, we will hold on to the content for you. When your account reactivates, you will have all the content that you previously had as a ZIN™ Member in good standing. You will not have access to the ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes that were released while your account was on hold.
How do I manage my preferences?
Your Preferences are located under "My Stuff" in the top right corner. You'll find the option to turn verbal cues on and off, view videos starting with right or left foot, camera angle preferences, and language preferences for e-learning courses.
Where are my videos downloaded on my computer?
It depends on your device, please check your settings. For example, if you have a Mac, your settings might be set up to download videos and music into your iTunes account or into your downloads folder.
What happened to ZINtv?
ZIN™ TV videos have been transfered and are available on ZIN™ NOW.
Will Specialty music & choreo be available on ZIN Now?
You will find some content is available, and we are currently working to provide you future Specialty content through ZIN™ NOW.
What happens if I do not switch to digital?
You'll have access to the basic features of the ZIN™ Now platform, the ZIN Volume Flashback and Flashback Music, and all content previously available on ZIN TV. You will not have digital access to your ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes but will continue to receive your physical copies in the mail.
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