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ZIN™ Play

What is the ZIN Play App?

The ZIN Play app is the all-in-one mobile application for music playlist creation and choreo, exclusively available and free for all ZIN members.
With the app, you can:

  • Access your ZIN Now music and videos, Volumes and Mega Mixes + add your songs from iTunes and Apple Music (iOS users) / local songs on your Android phones
  • - Create and save your own playlists
  • Customize your songs to include sound effects, crossfade, trimming, change volume and song speed
  • Take it to your class and access your playlists without the need of wireless internet connection
Who has access to the app?
The app is exclusively available to ZIN Members
How do I download the app?
You can download the app from the Google Play store (Android) and App Store (iOS)
Will my monthly ZIN™ fees change?
No, your monthly fees will not change. The app is free to all ZIN Members.
On what device can I use the app?
The ZIN Play app is available on both iOS and Android phones. We do not currently have full support for tablets, or wearable devices (ex: iWatch / Fitbit etc).
What content will I be able to access on ZIN Play?

The ZIN Play App will allow you to access content from the following sources:

  • ZIN Now - Access your ZIN Volumes, Mega Mixes, monthly Specialty content and other bonus/extra content such as Flashback Volumes. If you are a physical subscriber for Volumes and Mega Mixes, you will not have access to this content from ZIN Now. STRONG® By Zumba content will also not be available on the ZIN Play App as STRONG® by Zumba is a separate program.
  • Featured Playlists and Songs, exclusively available on the app
  • (iOS Only) - iTunes - access your iTunes music that is downloaded on your phone. You will not be able to access iTunes songs that are stored on iCloud.
  • (iOS Only) - Apple Music – ZIN members who also have Apple Music paid subscriptions will be able to access the entire Apple Music library.
  • (Android) – Any music that is stored on your phone in an mp3 or mp4 format.
Will I have access to old ZIN™ Volumes & Mega Mixes?

No. Your old ZIN™ Volumes and Mega Mixes were delivered to you in physical DVD and CD format and we can only provide one song license per ZIN Member. You will have access to the ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes currently available to you on ZIN™ Now, as well as future releases.

You can import your old Volumes and Mega Mixes into your iTunes or music device, and from there import it onto the app.

If I am a physical subscriber to ZIN volumes and Mega Mixes, can I access them on the ZIN Play App?

If you are a physical subscriber to ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes, you will not be able to access this content as a direct integration of ZIN Now and the app, but you are able to upload your songs into your iTunes and acess via the iTunes integration.

To receive immediate access to ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes on the app you will need to make the switch to digital volumes on ZIN Now, visit

Can I access my playlists from the ZIN™ DJ App content in the new ZIN Play App?
No, the ZIN™ DJ app does not integrate with the new ZIN Play App.
Can I download my content from the app onto my phone?
All of your app content will be available to stream - anytime, anywhere! You don't have to download content, leaving storage space available on your device.
How long will my playlists, music and videos be available?

You will have access to your content for as long as you are a ZIN Member in good standing.

Music and content integrated from ZIN™ Now will follow the same guidelines as on ZIN™ Now, which means content will be available for at least 7 years from when the file has was added to the ZIN™ Now platform.

Music and content integrated from iTunes or other music device will be available indefinitely, as long as you are a member in good standing.
What happens if I put my ZIN account on hold?

If you put your account on hold, we will hold on to the content for you. When your account reactivates, you will have all the content that you previously had as a ZIN™ Member in good standing. You will not have access to the ZIN Volumes and Mega Mixes that were released while your account was on hold.

What happens if I end my ZIN™ membership?

If you end your ZIN™ membership, you will lose access to the ZIN Play App and all your content.

How do I manage my preferences?
Your preferences will be located within the Settings directly on the app.
Will the songs and videos I designate as Favorites on ZIN™ Now appear as a Favorite in the ZIN Play App? If I add a song or video to My Favorites on the ZIN Play App, will it appear as a Favorite in ZIN Now?
Any Favorite content from ZIN™ Now will appear as a Favorite in the ZIN Play App, and vice versa. Any songs that you select as a Favorite on the ZIN Play App that do not originally come from ZIN Now (i.e.- content from iTunes or your other music devices) will not sync or appear within ZIN™ Now.
How can I access the local music on my phone?

When you’re on the ZIN Play app, you can go to the MUSIC tab and click on ALL MUSIC. Once you’re there, you can click on the filter on the top right of the screen and turn OFF the ZIN music filter. This will show all of your local music that is available on the app. You can use this same filter when you are adding a song to a playlist.

iPhone - make sure your music is downloaded to your phone. Go to the MUSIC app on your phone, click on the Library tab, and click on Songs, and find the song you are looking for. Make sure the song does NOT have a cloud icon next to the song title. If it does, that means your song is stored on the Cloud and not on your phone. Click on the cloud to download it onto your phone. Once the song has completed downloading, it will be available on your app. (Note: If you still cannot see the song, please shut down the app and re-open it. Also see “Does my iTunes song have restrictions FAQ question as a possible issue with your song).

Android - You can also access any music that is saved locally on your phone. (Note: Google Play songs are not actually saved locally on your phone. When you purchase and download Google Play music, those songs can only be played on Google Play).

Does my iTunes song have restrictions?

Go to your iTunes library on your desktop. Click on the 3 dots next to the song you cannot access. The 3 dots will open your song settings. Click on the “File” tab. See what it says next to “Kind.” If it says “Protected,” this song cannot be played on the ZIN Play app because there are special restrictions around this song. It can only be played on iTunes. This is normal for older downloads. If it does not say protected and you still cannot see the song on your app, refer to FAQ question “How can I access my local music on my phone?” If you still cannot find a solution, please email us at

Why is my video blurry?

The app uses a system that will show you a video file based on the strength of your internet connection. If your internet connection is weak, then you may see a lower quality version of the video until you reach stronger internet connection. This allows you to play the video without being interrupted by pause or loading at all times.

How can I rearrange the song order on my playlist?

Simple. Go to the playlist that you want to change around, and click on the 3 dots on the top right of the screen (playlist settings). Then click “Rearrange songs.” Then hold the 3 lines next to the song you want to move and drag it and drop it. Once you are done rearranging, click DONE on the top right.

What is the best way to play my playlist in class?

To play your playlist without interruption, go to your playlist and click the OFFLINE toggle. Make sure it is on. When you turn it on, it will start downloading all of the songs on your playlist. Wait until all songs are downloaded and you will see a pop up on the screen that says “READY FOR CLASS.” You will also see that there is a small download arrow next to the BMP on every song. That ensures that your song is downloaded. You can then, put your phone on Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb (as you see fit).

Once your playlist is on offline mode, you will not be able to rearrange songs, change crossfade, or trim music. You must do those actions while your playlist is not offline. You can always make those changes and put your playlist back in offline mode.

You can add music to a playlist that is offline if you have internet connection. Make sure to ensure that the new song downloaded and you got the “READY FOR CLASS” pop up after you added it to the playlist.

How do I know what version of the app I am on?

Open the ZIN Play app, and click on the top left of the homepage (settings icon). You can see the version of the app listed there.

Why is there a song on my phone that is greyed out?

If the song is NOT a ZIN song, you may have downloaded that song and used it on a different device. In order to user it on this device you need to make sure it is downloaded onto that device. If you have a ZIN song that is greyed out on your ZIN Play app, please let us know by emailing us at

Why do my iTunes playlists have greyed out songs?

Playlists imported from iTunes may have greyed out songs for the following reasons:

  • iCloud - Your song may not be downloaded from your iCloud. Go to you music app, and click on the SONG option. Find the song. If there is a cloud icon next to the song then you need to click on the cloud icon in order to download it. Once it’s downloaded, it will be available on your ZIN Play app.
  • Protected content - Some iTunes content is protected and won’t play anywhere outside of iTunes. In order to check the song permissions, you need to open iTunes on your computer (not phone), and select the song. Click on the 3 dots next to the song, and click on Song Info. Go to the FILE tab and see what it says next to KIND. If it says PROTECTED, your song will not be available for playback anywhere outside of the app.
  • Apple Music - Apple Music is another form of protected content. Apple Music does not allow apps that are not integrated directly with them to play music from their platform. We are not currently integrated with Apple Music so you will not see songs downloaded from Apple Music on the ZIN Play app.
Why don't I see my playlist available on the list to import?

Playlists that contain other forms of media cannot be imported. Other forms of media include: videos, podcasts and other non-music media. Go back into your playlist, and remove the other forms of media. Once this is done, you will see your playlist available for import.

Do I have access to the latest version of the app?

In order to access version 1.6.0 or later, you must have the following software updated on your mobile device:

  • iOS - Software version 10 or later
  • Android - Software version 5.0 or later
Are there any limitations to using Apple Music songs on my playlist?

Yes. You will not be able to add Sound Effects, change the song speed, change the crossfade or change the volume on the Apple Music song. You will not be able to see the BPM of any Apple Music song. These are limitations of Apple. All other edits can be made.

Why is there a CLOUD icon next to my Apple Music song?

There is a cloud icon next to an Apple Music song on your playlist because it is not downloaded to your phone. The song is still only available on your iCloud. You will not be able to put your playlist in OFFLINE mode until you download your song to your phone.

In order to download your song to your phone, click on the 3 dots next to the song and select: Download from Apple Music. This will take you to Apple Music where you can download the song. Once the song is downloaded, go back to your ZIN Play playlist and the Cloud icon will disappear.

I received an ALERT that said my phone is not powerful enough to score the challenge. What can I do?

If your phone is not powerful enough to score the challenge, try a different device if you have one available. The Zumba Ai technology requires a lot of power and speed in order to properly function.

What is the best location for my phone when playing the Choreo Challenge?

Put the phone on the floor against the wall at a tilt. This position will allow the phone to easily capture your entire body.

Why am I not able to calibrate?

Make sure your entire body is in view of your camera. Both feet, legs, arms, head and torso need to be in view in order to successfully calibrate.

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