October 14, 2022

The cool, crisp air and beautiful colors are powerful motivators to get you outside and moving — the next step is to find the right activities to add to your routine. Here are a few equipment free outdoor workouts you can use to continue your summertime fitness momentum.

Hiking or Trail Running

Your local mountain ranges and trail systems are some of the best tools at your disposal for outdoor fitness. You'll get a great workout while immersing yourself in nature's beauty. The summer's heat breaks by later September or early October, so you'll feel encouraged to run or hike your hardest with less fatigue from the jump. Pick a trail in your area that presents a challenge and rewards you with glorious fall scenery.


Just like the rowing machines at your local fitness center, kayaking activates your core, legs and shoulders for an efficient and fun workout. The difference is that kayaking at your local river or lake puts you in a serene natural environment. The fall's cool temperatures are great for rigorous kayaking trips, so hit the water for a full body workout. Renting a kayak for the day is affordable and worth the money if you don't have your own.

Golden Hour Yoga

Yoga improves strength and flexibility while calming your spirit, and you can amplify those effects in the fall. An autumn sunrise or sunset is a beautiful sight to behold, so plan your yoga routine around the day's golden hours for a truly blissful experience. The sun rises later in the morning with each fall day, making it easier to wake up in time for a sunrise yoga session.

Recreational Sports

Sports like football, tennis, soccer or basketball push your body while exercising your competitive drive, which can be a nice deviation from your usual fitness routine. The fall's comfortable temperatures help athletes play harder and longer. Look for a recreational sports league at your community park or local fitness center to play sports with others in your age range or at your fitness level. Not sure if there are rec leagues in your area? Reach out to some friends or consider starting your own league in your community.

Group Zumba® Classes

Zumba® classes are a fun, challenging and rewarding way to break a sweat while making new friends in your community — all you need is your body and a smile! The Licensed Zumba® Instructor in your area will likely move sessions outside in the fall while the air is cool, so find a class near you to join the fun. You can also take a virtual class to dance from home — bust a move on the porch to enjoy your yard's fall beauty.

Become a Licensed Zumba® Instructor

Interested in sharing your passion for fitness with your community this fall while learning more outdoor exercise ideas? Register for a Zumba® Instructor training course near you to earn your license and access many helpful tools.