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CIRCL Mobility™

Release. Restore. Renew.

Lead the revolutionary new program designed to unlock the body’s potential through flexibility, breathwork, and mobility exercises, so your students can move better, longer. Based on the cutting-edge science of functional movement, you’ll learn how to help your students release physical restrictions, restore core capabilities, and renew their range of motion.

On-Demand Program Videos

On-Demand Program Videos

CIRCL Mobility™ Certificate of Completion

Training Includes

  • CIRCL Mobility™ Certificate of Completion
  • Program Manual
  • License to teach for 6 months + option to join The CIRCL Instructor Network to maintain license to teach indefinitely
  • Certificate of completion
  • Music and Movement Patterns for one 30-minute class
  • Music and Movement Patterns for one 12-minute complement
  • Base moves library + Guidelines to create your own classes
  • Badge on your ZIN™ and/or SYNC profile
  • CEC/CEU’s
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