August 11, 2016
Zumba® PR

MIAMI, FL–(Marketwired – August 11, 2016) – Global dance-fitness leader Zumba is bringing new beats to life with famed music producer Timbaland in promotion of its non-dance, HIIT-inspired workout, STRONG by Zumba™. The grammy-award winning super producer known for his collaboration with many chart topping singers, recently made an appearance at the annual Zumba® Instructor Convention in Orlando, FL., where 7,500 fitness professionals gathered for the largest branded convention in the world. During the weekend-long celebration of events, he revealed his partnership with the brand to create exclusive music for its new program that focuses on Synced Music Motivation for an unforgettable group fitness experience.

“I was excited about the idea that a fitness brand approached exercise in a way that no one has done before — a workout created where music is the main motivator,” said Timbaland. “They are using music in a way to maximize your workout, and I want to create music that inspires and pushes people past their limits. This has never been done before and STRONG by Zumba is going to change the perception of HIIT-inspired workouts.”

STRONG by Zumba is a combination of HIIT, bodyweight exercises and strength training; however, the main differentiator is the importance Zumba has placed on the relationship of syncing music to movement, ensuring music is not just an afterthought. The songs are crafted and reverse engineered to match every move, pushing participants way past perceived limits. In a 2012 study by C.J Bacon of Sheffield Hallam University, Karageorghis, it appeared that moving in sync with music allows the body to use energy more efficiently. Other research cited by Scientific American explains that music may distract people from pain and fatigue, elevate mood, increase endurance and even promote metabolic efficiency.

“We have spent years bringing outsiders into the fitness world by making exercise enjoyable through music and fitness. Now we are using that expertise to introduce a completely new concept of interval training that uses synced music motivation,” said Zumba’s CEO, Alberto Perlman. “Music plays a fundamental role in any workout and, by partnering with incredible music producers like Timbaland, we are creating infectious beats that will help fuel that concept and push participants to work harder and feel the afterburn.”

In celebration of the partnership, Timbaland made appearances at classes and sold out trainings for “STRONG by Zumba” at the annual convention in Orlando and sat down with Zumba CEO Alberto Perlman to discuss the importance of music in fitness. Watch the full interview hereSTRONG by Zumba trainings launched in June and classes will soon roll out globally. For more information, visit the