September 18, 2014
Zumba® PR

Enlists Award-Winning Agency 180LA to Help Spread Dance Movement Everywhere

September 18, 2014 – MIAMI – The largest branded dance-fitness company in the world, that has spread joy and changed lives in more than 180 countries, is taking its contagious movement to multimedia with its first 360-degree brand campaign “Let it Move You.” The phrase, which will now serve as Zumba’s official tagline, draws out the passion that lives deep within everyone. It’s a feeling that moves you not only in a physical sense, but also emotionally, telling you to break free and bust a move; a feeling that stays with you long after the Zumba® class is over.

By enlisting A-List ad agency 180LAZumba has created a multimedia advertising campaign to promote Zumba® classes and Zumba® apparel, including television, digital, social and PR; this is the first and a major move for any branded fitness program. The commercial, which lives online and on TV, was directed by twin brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker (TWiN Thing) with the support of Janet Champ, an icon in the industry of women sports advertising, to creative direct.

“Our purpose at Zumba is to change lives through health, wellness and overall happiness,” said Zumba CEO, CMO and Co-Founder Alberto Perlman. “This is our chance to make a bold statement with a campaign that promotes and elicits powerful emotion and movement, tied to our ‘fitness without sacrifice’ mantra. Our number one goal is to support our licensed Zumba instructors and inspire millions to get off the couch and moving in a Zumba class.”

The “Let It Move You” campaign shows the infectious and empowering influence of the Zumba lifestyle, which is fiercely linked to its addictive choreography and music. The anthem TV spot strays from using models with unrealistic body types, and instead replays that Zumba is for everyone, breaking out dance moves in unexpected places and paying tribute to how Zumba brings fun to life. The spot is set to a Zumba® remix of the energetic Diplo track “Express Yourself” and begins with people displaying small, uncontrollable body spasms, which eventually build to a full-on musical and physical crescendo of all out dancing.

“A lot of people have inhibitions about dancing in front of others. This is the tension we pushed off to create this campaign,” said Chris Mendola, Chairman of 180LA. “The films bring to life a wide variety of Zumba enthusiasts. It’s powerful how the Zumba classes and community all genuinely share a positive energy and way of life. It’s contagious.”

The commercial runs on television and online; additional vignettes of the highlighted characters from the ad will run as pre-roll in digital media buys, including a police officer, corporate office woman, a customer in a mattress store, a nightclub bouncer and more. Print posters are available to the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) as well as participating gyms. The new messaging and visuals are being implemented across Zumba’s social networks which include a combined 7.5M following.

Zumba is the largest dance-fitness company in the world with 15 million people who have ditched the workout, and joined the party. Now let Zumba move you. To find a Zumba class, visit To view the TV spot, click here. For additional media assets, contact