January 24, 2023

For the first-time ever, Zumba is offering a program that merges fitness, nutrition, and community. The platform is called the Zumba 6 Week Transformation Program giving users another way to have fun while caring for both their physical and mental health.

Since 2001, Zumba has helped scores of people embrace fitness with fun dance workouts for all ages. Now, to kick off the start of 2023, the globally celebrated brand is diving back into the business of consumer products with the Zumba 6 Week Transformation Program.  

Zumba’s 6 Week Transformation Program is more than just an enjoyable platform to help with weight loss. Users can also use the workouts within the platform to help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, which Zumba has already accomplished overall. Zumba’s Chief Marketing Officer, Carolina Moraes, gave Athletech News an in-depth explanation of what the company’s latest workout program promises to offer us all. 

“In the Zumba 6 Week Transformation Program, participants will get daily, on-demand workouts that were designed to make you sweat while having fun,” begins Moraes. She adds, “They are for any level and feature modification options in every single video, while also becoming more challenging week over week as you build up your stamina. There is mindfulness guidance because we know transformation happens from the inside out: weekly themes and mini-assignments to keep you motivated.” 

In addition to its daily, on-demand workouts, assignments, and guided prompts, Zumba’s 6 Week Transformation Program boasts a comprehensive nutrition program with a recipe library and private Facebook group ensuring even more support. Moraes says it was time for Zumba to create its new program due to several important reasons. 

“First, we’ve had many people over the years ask us to provide them with something like this, especially being an on-demand program. Second, we know from our students and instructors that weight loss is one of the main reasons why they come to a Zumba class in the first place, but they end up leaving with so much more: mental wellness plus community at the top of the list. With this in mind, we felt like it was a great time to create a holistic, on-demand program to deliver what our consumers want and need,” she reveals.  

Zumba’s 6 Week Transformation Program might sound too good to be true, particularly since it marks the brand’s first foray into the consumer product landscape. Although Zumba has sold over 25 million DVDs in the course of two decades, it’s proven to help transform bodies and minds. The 6 Week Transformation Program is simply a “reflection of that,” according to Moraes. 

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“At the end of the day, there is nothing like a Zumba class – the energy is one-of-a-kind,” Moraes states. “But we know people are looking for on-demand solutions and we want to make sure we are there to provide for them.”

“We hope that people will see the transformation they are looking for, whether it is mind, body or both!”  

The Zumba 6 Week Transformation Program is currently available for $89, but this price point is for a limited time. More information can be found online at zumba6week.com.