October 14, 2022

Whether you’re coming off of a Zumba® class, heavy leg day, sore from yard work, managing kids, or just tense from hours of computer work, your body needs time to recover. These activities are considered physiological stress, which is a stimulus that overcomes our body’s ability to maintain performance due to muscle tears, soreness, and fatigue. Recovery is our body’s ability to recover from strenuous activity which will lead to higher fitness outcomes and less soreness and stiffness the next time you perform an activity.

The benefits of prioritizing recovery into your daily routine are game changing. Consistent, quality recovery sessions will pay dividends, and Therabody has your back – literally!

Therabody’s flagship product, Theragun, uses Percussive Therapy to increase blood flow, and decrease the tension held deep within muscles. It is unique in that it employs a scientifically-calibrated combination of frequency (speed), amplitude (depth), and torque (power) to maximize the therapeutic effects each time the device makes contact with your body. The continuous stimulation distracts the mind away from pain, while delivering deep treatment that is more effective and comfortable than manual therapy.

  • Decreases muscle soreness & stiffness
  • Increases blood flow
  • Decreases metabolic waste
  • Improves range of motion
  • Hydrates tissue
  • Improves stretching ability 

3 Key Recovery Tips:

Be curious – Explore different recovery tools. There are many different modalities available with unique applications and features. For example, Percussive Therapy offers an active and targeted approach whereas Pneumatic Compression is a passive wellness experience covering a large treatment area. Depending on the goal and situation, you have the opportunity to apply the right solution to meet your needs.

Be deliberate – Have a plan and make it a priority. This will lead to consistency and ultimately results. One tip is to add it to the calendar to establish daily rituals such as a bedtime routine. My go-to scheduled session is Pneumatic Compression while I unwind at the end of the day. It is extremely relaxing to help me fall asleep. It also provides all the benefits such as accelerating recovery.

Be creative – Think outside the box. This also ties back to being curious with exploring different strategies. Here are a couple of examples I do on a regular basis. When I’m on long days of virtual meetings, I’ll place an electric stimulation (E-stim) device on sore areas such as upper back muscles. The product is working while I’m on calls and no one on the other end of the camera even knows. I also use vibration therapy while working at my desk. I’ll take my shoes off and roll the bottoms of my foot with the vibrating product such as a Therabody Wave Duo or Solo.

Several years ago, I wrote a book on triathlon training and coined the phrase, “It’s a lifestyle, train like there’s no finish line.” I believe the same is true with recovery. When it becomes part of daily living instead of an occasional after thought, you will get stronger in less time, and realize your full potential.