October 14, 2022

Anybody who’s ever taken a Zumba® class with a friend or made a plan to meet a friend at the gym knows that when it comes to working out or taking a Zumba® class, two is better than one. And a group is even better than two. The benefits of working out with a group, detailed below, are multi-faceted, but the best part is that all of them result in improved fitness.

Accountability. If you make plans to meet your Zumba partner or group for a class, you’ll show up. Otherwise, they’ll be forced to work out alone and/or they’ll give you grief the next time you see them. If you make a promise to yourself to work out, you’re more likely to bail. Once you get in the habit of meeting friends, you won’t even consider canceling.

Motivation. Who doesn’t love some friendly competition? People push each other during workouts without even thinking about it. You’re not going to want your friends to show you up, so you’re going to give it your all. But aside from pushing your partners, you’ll also encourage each other. 

Celebration. Celebrating your progress and milestones is one of the perks of taking a class with a friend . Set goals and plan to celebrate them outside the studio once you have met them. On a related note, working out with friends may not be celebratory per se, but it certainly ups the fun factor. Whether you’re pounding out the miles together, counting crunches together or taking a Zumba® class together, it’s infinitely more fun than if you do it on your own. Plus the time will fly!