December 23, 2022

The beautiful thing about dance is that you don't need any fancy equipment or a special place to get up and move your body. Enthusiasts around the world find creative ways to burn calories while moving around to the rhythms of various styles of music. With the variety of choreography styles and music genres throughout the world, you can find numerous ways to stay active through dance. If you want to stay active in a fun way, dance fitness classes will be your new favorite pastime.

What Is Dance Fitness?

The word "dance" is all-encompassing, describing numerous activities, including styles like ballet and jazz. It can also mean partner classes, where you learn specific dances with another person, such as the tango. Lastly, dance fitness by definition refers to a category of dance all on its own.

Unlike a traditional dance class where you learn specific steps or choreography, dance fitness is all about getting a sweat on and having fun while moving your body. You'll arrive at your class, give your best effort and leave knowing you accomplished a great workout. Whether you consider yourself a professional dancer or haven't taken a dance class before, it's easy to join in on the fun and experience a room full of motivated people who want to torch some calories.

Types of Dance Fitness Classes Because of their inclusivity, dance fitness classes are incredibly popular. You can find various types of dance fitness classes that match your style and ability. From classes with choreography inspired by Latin moves to slower, focused choreography reminiscent of ballet, you can work your entire body with dance fitness.

Check out the different categories of dance fitness classes and see which class style sounds intriguing.

  • Cardio Dance Fitness
    A popular style of dance fitness class is cardio dance. This type of dance fitness class is what many people associate with dance fitness. This category includes classes like Zumba®, hip hop and more. All of these classes focus on cardio exercise, but many also incorporate strengthening and toning techniques.
  • Ballet-Inspired Dance Fitness
    If you're looking for a slower dance exercise class that focuses on strength and coordination, you can find a ballet-inspired dance class to work on isolating muscle. With muscle-focused dance fitness, you can expect a combination of pilates, strength training and ballet in one class.

    These dance classes often include minimal equipment like light dumbbell weights, ballet bars, chairs and resistance bands to help sculpt and tone areas of your body. You'll complete isometric exercises, holding a certain position for a set amount of time so you can feel the burn of your muscles working. These positions and movements resemble ballet choreography and are a great dance fitness workout to incorporate into your exercise schedule.
  • Mind and Body Dance Fitness
    A style that allows you to connect with your body and stretch out your muscles is mind-body dance fitness. You can find dance exercise classes that incorporate forms of yoga, martial arts and other slow-paced fitness styles that allow you to breathe and focus only on your workout. These flowing dance-inspired routines are great for reducing stress and unwinding after a hectic week. They're also beneficial for individuals who prefer low-impact workouts.
  • Dance Fitness Benefits
    Why do people love to dance? There's something enjoyable about listening to music and moving your body to the beat. Your favorite part about dance workouts could be the music style, the choreography or surrounding yourself with dance fitness enthusiasts. Regardless of your reasons for participating, the best things that come out of taking dance fitness classes are the benefits for your physical, emotional and mental health.

Are you looking for more reasons to sign up for dance fitness classes? Check out 10 health benefits from dance fitness that can change your life for the better.

  1. Supports Toning Whether or not you're taking a class that includes light dumbbells, dance fitness is great for muscle toning and sculpting. These exercises mainly work out your glutes, legs and other muscles in that area. You can choose any type of dance fitness class and notice a difference in your strength over time. If your main fitness goal is to tone your body, dance fitness is an awesome tactic.
  2. Manages Weight Dance workouts are an excellent way to manage your weight. A perk of dance fitness is that it's a fun form of cardio exercise. Even for people who don't enjoy running or cycling, dancing to music and experiencing the motivation from a group dance class is a great way to increase your heart rate and burn fat. Many dance fitness classes take few breaks, which also impacts the increased chance of weight loss.
  3. Activates Muscles Dancing is a full-body exercise, and you'll feel it in all of your muscles the day after a tough dance fitness class. Dance fitness will work your legs, core, arms and other areas of your body. If you mix dance exercise classes that are low-impact and high-impact, you'll work out different muscles and always get in a full-body workout.
  4. Helps Coordination and Balance A benefit of dance fitness is it works out parts of your body that you typically don't focus on in everyday life. Using all of your muscles and moving your body in new ways helps improve your balance and coordination. People have a fear of falling as they get older, and working out is a helpful way to keep your balance strong as you age. Dance workouts are one of the best ways to improve your coordination and keep your balancing abilities strong.
  5. Works Memory Dance fitness will improve your body physically and mentally. The minute you start following the instructor's dance moves and grooving to the music, your brain starts working hard to learn each new step. Your brain is processing the new environment, dance moves, music and all of the other factors that go into a dance fitness class. You can participate in dance fitness classes to improve your memory and other cognitive skills.
  6. Assists With Cardiovascular Health Like many types of cardio exercises, dance fitness positively contributes to your cardiovascular health. Dancing increases your heart rate, pumps oxygenated blood to your hard-working muscles and helps make your heart stronger. This movement will help protect you against heart disease and other related health problems. The United States Department of Health states that to experience health benefits from exercise, adults should complete at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise per week or 75 to 150 minutes of intense cardio exercise per week.
  7. Offers an Accepting Environment No matter your age or experience, dance fitness classes are for you. In fact, dance fitness continues to grow in popularity because nearly everyone can join. There are all types of classes available to accommodate your range of motion and ability level. Consider starting out with beginner classes if you've never taken one before. This way, you can introduce yourself to the experience and build your skills over time.
  8. Increases Socialization The most fun aspect of any group fitness class is socializing with new people and making friends. Dance fitness classes are the perfect place to meet people who at least have two things in common with you — they enjoy dancing and working out. Socializing and building positive relationships is an essential part of your mental and emotional health, as making connections with others can help improve your mood and happiness.
  9. Boosts Energy Are you feeling lethargic, almost like you're in a slump? Getting up in the morning and being productive throughout the day requires a lot of energy. You can increase your energy and make your days more productive by working out in a dance fitness class. Dancing to upbeat music, especially in the morning, can start your day off strong with an abundance of energy that will get you through a busy day.
  10. Reduces Stress Any amount of stress can take a toll on both your mental and physical health. Exercise has shown to be helpful with reducing stress, and dancing is a great way to shake out uneasy feelings. There are plenty of factors that contribute to exercise helping reduce stress. Whether it helps by listening to lively music, focusing your mind on your dance workout or enjoying time dancing with a friend, dance fitness can be a helpful tool in stress management.