Zumba Toning

avec Helen Ford

Hebdomadaire (S)
11:00 AM (60 minutes)
Rottingdean Hall (Détails)


Zumba Toning

avec Helen Ford

Hebdomadaire (S)
11:00 AM (60 minutes)
Rottingdean Hall (Détails)

A propos de Zumba Toning

Semblables aux maracas, les bâtons de musculation légers Toning Sticks améliorent votre sens du rythme tout en musclant des parties essentielles de votre corps, notamment les bras, la sangle abdominale et le bas du corps.

Détails à propos de mon cours

Very friendly and fun atmosphere. Lovely people to make friends with. Come and get HAPPY and TONED with us!! In Zumba Toning, we use light-weight, or medium-weight "maracas-style" weights for toning (and also for... fun!) and these are provided for you. Some conventional Zumba Fitness routines (without hand-weights) are also included. You get a varied mix of great music and routines, giving you a thorough full-body / cardio workout, with the emphasis on upper body toning. I rotate the playlist and add new routines regularly, keeping the sessions fresh and lively. This fantastic venue has a sprung floor (to protect your joints) and a stage, so you can easily see me and follow me. My classes always have a wide range of ages, fitness levels and abilities. Everyone over the age of 16 is welcome. Free parking in Park Road. Buses from Eastbourne direction stop outside The White Horse. Buses from Brighton direction stop outside Tesco. Directions to venue from Tesco: Walk through the twitten to the right of Tesco: The village hall is then directly on your left. Please Note: Lighting effects are used for special events - not for all sessions. MoveGB and ClassPass members welcome.

Niveau de danse
Tout niveau de danse
Niveau d'entraînement
Intensité médium
Styles musicaux
Latin Rhythms, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Pop
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Rottingdean Hall
20 Park Rd
Brighton BN2 7HL, UK
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Frais de cours: £6.50
Drop in: £6.50 / 10 sessions: £50 / 20 sessions: £90. Students: £3.50 / 10 sessions: £30 / 20 sessions: £50. (Punch cards are not time-limited and can be used at some of my other classes.)

Zumba Toning

Votre instructeur(trice)

Helen Ford

Newhaven, E Sussex

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