ZIN™ Jam Sessions

Boost Your Choreo Skills

Network with fellow ZINs as you learn up to five new routines + master the basic Zumba® rhythms in an intimate 3-hour workshop. In-person and virtual sessions available!

What is a Jam?

A 3-hour session that allows ZIN™ Members to learn 4-5 new choreos and boost instructor skills, led by a licensed Zumba® Jammer.

Who are Jammers?

ZIN™ Members handpicked by Beto and licensed by Zumba to conduct Jam Sessions. ZJs are awesome at creating choreography and helping ZINs thrive!

Why should I attend a Jam?

ZIN™ Jam Sessions allow you to network and meet new instructors and improve your instructor skills by learning different cues, progressions, and choreo.

Types of ZIN™ Jam Sessions

Stylistic Jam Sessions New

Designed to help you learn new stylistic choreos that express your individuality through movement and music.

The Get Down ZIN™ Jam Session is a stylistic variation where you’ll learn up to four new styles and routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes – all inspired by Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk and Pop. You’ll get an understanding of the feeling and history behind each style while mastering the base core moves and the proper technique. These styles are so unique that they are not included in any other ZIN™ Jam session or Zumba® Training.

Get Down ZIN™ Jam

Choreo Jam Sessions

Designed to help you master your choreography, build your cueing library, and learn progressions.

In this three-hour jam session, you'll learn 4 to 5 new knockout routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes. Refresh your skills, learn new ones, and get everything you need to be the best instructor you can be. You’ll be able to choose from sessions led by licensed Zumba® Jammers.

Rhythm Jam Sessions

Designed to help you go deeper into your basic rhythms.

You’ll get 4 rhythm-specific choreo routines to use in your Zumba® classes, practice the core steps and variations learned in your Basic 1 or Rhythms 2 Training, and be able to identify the beats and instruments that are exclusive to the rhythm you choose. You may choose to attend a ZIN™ Jam Session covering any of the rhythms listed here, taught by a ZJ™ specially licensed to teach this session.

  • Cumbia
  • Merengue
  • Reggaeton
  • Salsa
Rhythms 2
  • Flamenco
  • Tango
  • Belly Dance
  • Samba
  • Quebradita
  • Soca

Specialty Jam Sessions

Designed to help you learn new choreos to bring to your Specialty classes..

You’ll learn 4 to 5 new choreos to integrate into your Zumba® Specialty classes. You may choose to attend a ZIN® Jam Session covering any of the specialties listed here.

Zumba Gold®
Zumba® Step
Zumba® Toning
Aqua Zumba®
Zumba® Kids + Kids Jr.

What do I receive upon completion?

  • Choreo Notes for 4-5 new routines
  • Certificate of Completion
  • ACE/AFAA Credits*

*(1) ZIN™ Members must contact ZJ™ directly to obtain the appropriate document to redeem these credits with AFAA or ACE. (2) 0.3 ACE CECs or 3 AFAA CEUs are awarded by attending 1 session. (3) The maximum number of credits a ZIN™ Member can receive per month is a total of 0.3 ACE CECs or 3 AFAA CEUs.