Music & Choreo

The heartbeat of your class

Those sizzlin' tunes and hair-flipping choreos found in your ZIN™ Volumes and Mega Mixes aren't just created to get your students sweating. They're specially designed to help you deliver the perfect class experience. Every time.

Get an inside look

A lot of love and effort goes into making sure every last second of your ZIN™ Volume is incredible. From music selection, to picking the right talent, creating choreo and more, we put our heart and soul into every note and every beat. And now, we're giving you a closer look into how your favorite tracks and choreos are made.

Making beautiful music together

We partner with the hottest artists in the biz to make your Zumba® class a music destination.

Making the perfect Zumba® choreo

ZES Loretta Bates shares what comes into play to create the choreos that you and your students love.

The abc's of Zumba® Music

What's the difference between an Exclusive and a Hot Track? 
What are the do's and don'ts of sharing Zumba videos with students on social media? We'll break it down for you!

ZIN™ Exclusives

Grab your backstage pass – we're setting the VIP section right here. ZIN™ Exclusive Songs are specially available only to ZIN™ Members before anybody else*!

Perfectly choreographed with the Zumba® formula in mind to deliver the ultimate Zumba® experience.

Zumba partners with some 
of the biggest artists and 
producers for Exclusives.

From time to time, Zumba helps promote your classes by posting 30 second clips on social media.

*Some exclusives specially available only to ZIN™ Members for a short period of time of 3-6 months.

Top 5 ZIN™ Exclusives

These are the Exclusives that are topping the ZIN™ Charts all around the globe. 
Get ready to turn it up!

Track Artist ZIN™ Now Category
1 Don’t Stop The Party BIP ZIN™ Volume 76 | Merengue
2 Mueve Tu Pum Pum Alexander Niño Agamez ZIN™ Volume 76 | Dembow
3 Firehouse Play-N-Skillz & Daddy Yankee ZIN™ Volume 66 | Merengue
4 Tus Besitos Zumba ZIN™ Volume 75 | Salsa
5 Cumbia De La Gaita Zumba ZIN™ Volume 70 | Cumbia

Protect your Music

We're very serious when it comes to protecting your Exclusive content. We have an entire legal team working on your behalf to make sure only ZIN™ Members can benefit from it. Here are a couple of simple rules to follow when posting on your social channels. This is how you can help us keep your Exclusives... well, exclusive!

ZIN™ Members can post a video of up to 1 minute of choreography for a ZIN™ Exclusive song on Instagram and Facebook.

Posting in any other media 
is prohibited, unless approved 
by Zumba

Videos that don't follow these rules can be taken down, and your account may be disabled.

Hot Tracks

So. Hot. Right. Now! With music from top artists like Shakira, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee and more, Hot Tracks provide ZIN™ Members with the latest hits before or on their official release day, right on your ZIN™ volumes. That helps draw in students wanting to hear current music, putting your class right in the center of the best new music out there.

Top 5 Hot Tracks

Hot, hot, hot! These are the top tracks turnin' the temperature up in classes around the world.

Track Artist ZIN™ Now Category
1 El Anillo Jennifer López Bonus Choreo Music | Pop
2 No Excuses Meghan Trainor Bonus Choreo Music | Pop
3 Tip Toe Jason Derulo feat French Montana Bonus Choreo Music | Pop
4 Al Filo De Tu Amor Carlos Vives Bonus Choreo Music | Vallenato Urbano
5 Como Antes Yandel featuring Wisin Bonus Choreo Music | Reggaeton

Take your music & choreo with you

On your computer at home via ZIN™ Now, or on-the-go with your ZIN™ Play app, your Zumba Music & Choreo is always one click (or tap!) away. These channels are and always will be exclusive to ZIN™ Members. Download ZIN™ Play