Mentoring Program

Our dynamic 8-Week Mentoring Program provides a unique 1-on-1 experience to help take your teaching skills to the next level.

How We Do It

We pair seasoned ZIN™ Members (Mentors) together with other ZIN™ Members who are searching to improve their skills (Mentees), taking them from where they are, to where they want to be!

As a mentee, you will...

  • Receive Coaching And Honest Feedback From An Experienced ZIN™ Member

  • Choose Which Skills To Improve, From Cueing to Creating Playlists

  • Gain New Perspectives And Insights On Teaching

  • Communicate And Schedule Meetings On Your Own Time

Get a Mentor

Mentoring 101

How Our Program Works to Find Your Perfect Mentor

  1. Tell us about yourself and what areas you want to improve in. We'll provide the just stay awesome!
  2. Based on that criteria, plus your location and communication preferences, we'll match you with an experienced ZIN™ Member.
  3. Meet your Mentor and start establishing goals, check-ins and future meetings (don't forget about becoming best friends, too)!
  4. Work hand in hand to sharpen your skills over 8 weeks, and reach your goals with the help of your new Mentor.

Calling All Mentors

If you have a passion for leading others and would like to share your time and knowledge to help the ZIN™ community, then becoming a Mentor may be for you! You'll be sharing your biggest teaching strengths as you help Mentees to achieve their goals, touching base weekly for 8 weeks. We'll provide you with a Mentor dashboard including curriculum and tools to guide you along the way.

Mentors must be a ZIN™ Member for at least two years, and have posted a class on within the last 6 months.

Become a Mentor