Bring Zumba to Your Facility

Getting started is as easy as taking a Zumba class. The first and most important step is finding a licensed Zumba Instructor. You can use to quickly locate Zumba Instructors - who are licensed and legally authorized to teach Zumba classes - in your area.

If An Instructor Is Not Listed Under Find An Instructor On

He/she is not licensed to teach the Zumba® program.

Follow these steps to find an instructor:

Step 1

Click "Find an Instructor" in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Step 2

Enter your city and state or zip code.

Step 3

Browse through the different instructor profiles in your area.

Step 4

If you'd like to meet in person, email the instructor by clicking "Contact Instructor" to schedule an audition at your facility.

Tip: Zin Members Are Your Best Bet

Before you begin, we highly advise that you hire an instructor who is a member of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN™), a continuing education and marketing support program designed to make instructors successful in your club. ZIN members receive marketing tools and support to drive new members to your facility, and music and choreography to keep their skills fresh and your members coming back for more. Only ZIN members have a license to use the Zumba Logos in marketing your classes. If you can click and view their instructor profile on this website, then they are a ZIN member in good standing.

Audition Tips. What To Look For.

Easy To Follow

Are the instructors’ steps easy to follow? Are they clear with their cueing? Is their direction clear to participants in the front and back of the class?

Good Cueing Skills

Zumba Instructors use non-verbal cueing as their primary form of communication during the class. Are they consistent and clear from beginning to end? Do you understand what they are "saying" without words?

Good Form When Demonstrating Steps

Watch their posture. Notice their footwork. Follow their arm movements. Do you see the entire move clearly from beginning to end? Check to make sure moves appear fluid, but understandable.

Engaging, Fun Personality, With Solid Leadership Abilities

What's your first impression? Do the instructors exhibit charisma? Can you picture the class feeling engaged? And, most importantly, can the instructors lead the class? A strong, friendly presence is essential.

Polished, Professional Dancing Skills

Are the instructors on beat? Are they doing salsa steps to salsa music? Do they know the difference between cumbia and reggaeton? Quiz them. See what they know. Another important skill: Can they move their hips like a Latin dancer?

Tip: Get A Second Opinion

If you are not familiar with Latin dancing styles, bring in a seasoned Zumba Instructor to help you audition.

Your New Zumba Instructor

Make Sure The Instructor:

  1. Pays attention to students' needs, gives positive feedback, corrects students' form when needed, knows students' names.
  2. Gears class routines to the appropriate fitness level of the student. Your instructor should be aware of all members in their class, including health concerns and overall physicality.
  3. Arrives early for their class and allows time to check equipment and speak with students. It’s important that your instructor develops a good rapport with all students. This helps turn classes into communities, creating common bonds and goodwill among members. Zumba communities are a powerful member retention builder.



If your Zumba Instructor is a ZIN member, they'll have access to a wide range of professional marketing materials they can use to promote your Zumba classes, both online (ie, class locator, social media tools) and offline (ie, posters, banners, flyers, and more). Of course, you might want to create your own Zumba marketing materials, so it is important to ask your ZIN member about the proper way of using the Zumba brand.


This is a great opportunity to bring awareness to your facility by hosting a festive introduction to your new Zumba classes. ZIN members can take the lead in orchestrating this event by hiring drummers or a live DJ to create excitement. ZIN members have access to press releases as well as PR training (on ZINtv™ ) and can assist you in inviting local media, pursuant to their ZIN license agreement.


You can work with your instructor to maximize the success of the Zumba program in your facility by taking these steps:


ZIN members receive all the tools they need to stay current, including choreography DVDs, music CDs, ZINtv™ training, peer-to-peer support through an online Forum and more. Ask them to share what they’ve learned with you. You'll be amazed how instructors can keep their classes unique and always fresh. Also, check out their online profile at from time to time. See what their current licenses are, and make sure their class schedule is up to date.


Organizing Zumba events are easy to do because ZIN members take ownership and call on fellow ZIN members to help. They also have access to marketing materials and Zumbawear™ merchandise to help support the events.


These include Zumba Basic Level 2 ; Zumba Step, which takes lower body workouts and calorie burning to new heights; Zumba Toning for body sculpting; Zumba Gold for active older adults and deconditioned participants; Zumba® Kids and Zumba® Kids Jr. for kids; Aqua Zumba , the Zumba "pool party" workout; and Zumbini for little ones 0-3 years old and their caregivers. With each additional Instructor Training, ZIN members become a bigger asset to your fitness facility. Zumba specialty training courses are the next wave of training for ZIN members. These specialized classes are designed to appeal to niche markets, and draw more members into your fitness facility.