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Group Fitness Instructor Certification bundle, For just $10/month!

The AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certification (AFAA-GFI) For ZIN™ gives you access to all the tools you need to easily get and maintain your Group Fitness Instructor Certification from AFAA, the Athletics and Fitness Association of America, one of the top fitness certifying organizations.

What you'll get for $10/month
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Group Fitness Instructor Certification

  • AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certification (AFAA-GFI) Course* and Certification**$299 Retail Value

Ongoing Recertification Requirements

  • 5 bi-monthly online courses per year to complete recertification credit requirements$175 Retail Value
  • Recertification Renewal Fee Covered$99 Retail Value

Personalized Dashboard + Badge

  • ZIN™ exclusive dashboard to access your AFAA educational courses and keep track of your certification needs
  • AFAA-GFI certified badge on your Instructor Page

Bonus Education Course

  • 1 additional online AFAA/NASM fitness or wellness course per year to further your development$99-$299 Retail Value

Average retail price: $28/Month

ZIN™ exclusive price:$10/month

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How the bundle works

  1. Add To Your ZIN™ Membership
  2. Complete Course + Pass Exam
  3. Maintain Your Certification
Add to ZIN™ membership
What you'll learn

The Athletics and Fitness Association of America’s Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA-GFI) Certification expands your knowledge and opens the door to new and exciting career opportunities. In the 15-hour on-demand course, you’ll learn:

  • Foundations of exercise science + the human movement system
  • Teaching Multi-Training and Exercise Techniques to properly perform cardio, yoga, cycle, and other exercises
  • Essentials of exercise, physiology and safety
  • Foundations of nutrition and healthy eating
  • How to adapt for special populations, like pregnant and senior participants
  • Business skills and professional responsibilities
Frequently asked questions
Who can opt in to the AFAA-GFI For ZIN™ bundle?

This AFAA-GFI For ZIN™ bundle is available for ZIN™ Members anywhere in the world in English and Spanish to help further their education. AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Accreditation is recognized in the US and offers CPD credits in the UK, but ZINs outside of these countries will have access to this bundle to get this certification, recognition, and education from one of the leading certifying organizations in the world. Please note that in order to complete the certification process, AFAA requires passing an exam. The exam is available in English and Spanish in-person in these locations and in English and Spanish virtually. Please check these locations to make sure you are able to take the exam prior to signing up to the bundle.

Are there any prerequisites to sign up for the AFAA-GFI For ZIN™ bundle?
  • The only prerequisites to sign up to the AFAA-GFI For ZIN™ bundle are a Zumba® Instructor Licence and ZIN™ membership in good standing. Please note, however, that Emergency Cardiac Care (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Certification for Adults is required to present prior to sitting for the accreditation exam to be fully accredited and GFI certified. CPR/AED is not required to enroll in the certification exam, but is required to be able to take the exam. We encourage you to sign up for the AFAA-GFI For ZIN™ bundle and start making progress on the Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) certification course even if you don’t have your CPR/AED certification yet. Ultimately, you will still have to complete the online GFI course and sign up to the exam through AFAA. From there, you still have 180 days to complete the CPR/AED certification and take the exam so you can start making progress towards both simultaneously.
  • Here is some additional information on the CPR/AED Certification requirements:
    • CPR/AED certification is NOT required to sign up for the AFAA-GFI for ZIN™ bundle, but will be required prior to taking the exam (obtaining CPR/AED will be required only after completing the GFI course and registering for the exam).
    • Most organizations offer Adult CPR & AED training together as one offering. Here are some CPR/AED Certifications recommended by AFAA: American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute.
    • AFAA recognizes that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is very limited availability of hands-on skills assessments for CPR/AED certifications. AFAA will be temporarily waiving the hands-on skills assessment requirement and accepting online-only CPR/AED courses. This waiver applies to exam candidates and professionals recertifying their credentials. This waiver will be in effect until the CDC and government recommendations for social distancing have been lifted in the United States. Once the social distancing orders have been lifted, there will be a 60 day window before the hands-on requirement will be reinstated. AFAA recommends that anyone who certified or recertified during the Waiver Period obtain the hands-on skills assessment once available to avoid any insurance or liability issues which could arise due to the lack of such training. Please note: The online course must still include Adult CPR/AED.
    • If you have any additional questions on these prerequisites, contact AFAA Member Services at +1-800-446-2322, option 2.
Can you provide more details on what the bi-monthly content I’ll receive as part of this bundle is?

As part of the AFAA-GFI For ZIN™ bundle, you will receive educational content that you can complete to receive and achieve the credits (CEUs) required for recertification. Usually, you’d need to find and purchase these courses separately. As part of this bundle, they will be delivered to you on a personalized dashboard that you can access on ZIN™ Home at no additional cost. The bi-monthly courses will consist of:

  • 5 CEU Corners per year ($175 in value): These are small, focused courses on a variety of subjects related to exercise, health, nutrition, behavior, or emotions that are engaging and appropriate for all audiences. They are similar to an educational article providing the science connected to practical application. Once the quiz is completed successfully, you will receive 2 CEUs that will count towards your recertification (15 CEUs are required for recertification every 2 yrs).
  • 1 additional online AFAA/NASM fitness or wellness course every year ($99-$299 in value): These courses cover topics associated with fitness and wellness but not directly related to group fitness or personal training job requirements. These are geared towards the professional and will cover topics in more depth then CEU Corners. Topics can vary from Mental Toughness to Women in Fitness. Once completed successfully, these courses also provide CEUs (i.e. credits) towards recertification. CEUs vary by Continuing Education Course provided with at least 10 CEUs per annual course.
How long will the AFAA-GFI certification course take?

The AFAA-GFI course for ZIN™ will take around ~25% less time to complete than the regular GFI course offered by AFAA (20-25 hours for the original course versus approximately 15 hours for the AFAA-GFI for ZIN™ course). The reason the course offered to ZINs is shorter is because we worked with AFAA to map the competencies and abilities learned in Zumba Basic 1 training. AFAA is recognizing those abilities learned as "recognition of prior learning" and has removed some content to reflect this, which results in a shorter course.

I am already AFAA-GFI certified. Can I opt in to this upgrade, and is there value for me in doing so?

If you are already AFAA-GFI certified, you are able to take advantage of the AFAA-GFI Certification for ZIN™ bundle to help you continue to obtain credits (CEUs) towards recertification for only $10/month. Plus, you won’t need to pay the recertification fee of $99 every 2 years.
Once you sign-up for this bundle through your ZIN Membership Account, you will have the opportunity to link your AFAA account. You will have the option to take the AFAA-GFI course for ZIN™, if you wish, but it won’t be mandatory if you’re already certified. You will also start getting the bi-monthly content and items below:

  • 5 online CEU courses per year to complete your CEU requirements
  • Recertification renewal fee included
  • Additional AFAA or NASM course between $99-$299 in value every year to further your development
  • AFAA-GFI certified badge on your Instructor Page

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page here!

You must be a ZIN™ Member in good standing to be eligible for the bundle. Your payment will be automatically deducted on the 21st of each month along with your ZIN™ fee. Signing up for the bundle has a 1 year initial commitment (i.e., $10 USD per/month for 12-months). After the first year, you may downgrade/cancel at any time by calling Zumba Customer Care. If you cancel prior to registering for the exam, you will be required to pay the then-current full price for the exam even if all course work had been completed at the time of cancellation. If at the time you cancel you are certified by AFAA, you will remain AFAA certified as long as you meet the recertification requirements. You will not have access to the AFAA Continuing Education courses and will not be entitled to the free recertification application benefit.

*You have two exam options available to you:

  • AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA-CGFI) exam: This is a proctored exam and is only available in English. Testing can be completed in person at a testing facility or online with a live remote proctor. Successfully passing this exam will award you the AFAA-CGFI credential.
  • AFAA Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA-GFI) certificate exam: This is a non-proctored exam and is available in both English and Spanish. Testing is completed online through your AFAA Customer Portal. Successfully passing this exam will award you with the AFAA-ICGFI credential.

**Please note that to become certified, you will need to complete and successfully pass one of the above exams, which you can purchase separately from AFAA at a 68% discount ($79 USD vs. $249 USD regular). Important Note: A CPR/AED certification must be presented at the time of the NCCA-accredited exam. The CPR/AED certification is not required for the international exam.