Incredible Slimdown 5 DVD


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Incredible Slimdown 5 DVD


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The weight is over! Zumba Fitness brings the party home with the Incredible Slimdown 5 DVD. Give your calories one last dance with this total-body workout.

High-energy 30-second bursts help burn fat by combining cardio, muscle conditioning and interval training with some serious fun! See results fast, feel more confident and transform yourself into a happier, healthier you!

5 DVD's – 6 AMAZING workouts!

DVD 1 - Quick Start + 20-Minute Express

• Quickly learn the basic Zumba® steps with Quick Start, and then try your very first calorie-torching total-body workout!

DVD 2 - Super Cardio Dance Party featuring burst interval.

• Featuring Cardio Burst, interval training designed to increase calorie burn.

• Give your dance-fitness an extra cardio burst while shaking into the sounds of Merengue, Salsa and Reggaeton.

DVD 3 - Zumba Max

• Give your dance-fitness an extra fat-burning kick with high-energy 30-second spurts.

• Get ready to sweat it off with this super-high-energy live class led by none other than Beto, the creator of the Zumba program.

DVD 4 - Latin Burst

• Super high-energy featuring fast-paced music and crazy-fun dance moves!

• Bursts help boost your results, so crank the fiesta music and let loose.

DVD 5 - Global Burst

• Kick up your moves with cardio burst intervals as you dance-it-out to international beats

• This total-body dance party will give you full results in half the time

Zumba Incredible Slimdown 5 DVD also includes:

Zumba Sole control wraps - allows you to step, slide, pivot, and turn with ease. Pull the Sole control wraps over the front of your sneaker. Cover more sole to increase glide. Cover less sole for additional grip.

Program guide - (digital download) - featuring a weekly workout planner, training zone guide and stretches.

Nutrition guide - (digital download) - two mouth-watering eating plans: “The 7 Days Rapid Results Eating Plan” and “The Everyday Eating Plan."

DVD's are available in English and Spanish

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